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Due to Coronavirus all club sessions and matches are suspended until further notice.

Until further notice casual visitors will not be able to attend club sessions, which are busy with the winter season in full swing. The club always welcomes casual visitors during the summer months but for now priority must be given to club members, (including those newly signed up of course).

The new winter season starts with a session on Sunday 1st September at the new start time for Sundays of 6pm (to 9pm). As there are no matches yet this will be club session. The first club session of the winter season at Bilborough College will be on Wednesday 4th September at 7pm as usual. Visitors that are trying out the club with a view to possibly joining are welcome.

Boots Badminton Club runs a summer club on Wednesday nights 7pm to 10pm from April to August at Bilborough College Sports Hall with 3 courts available. Visitors are welcome to try our club in the relaxed atmosphere of the off-season for a session fee of just six pounds. This returns to normal at Bilborough on the 26th June after a final week at Chilwell on Tuesday 18th June.

Boots Badminton Club Constitution V312/06/2019
A small cosmetic change to the constitution is attached adding to para 1 a form of words to describe the relationship with The Boots Company PLC.


Trade Mark Licence Agreement12/06/2019
Attached is a copy of the agreement with The Boots Company PLC which permits the title of Boots Badminton Club to be used.

Trade Mark Licence Agreement.pdf

On certain weeks in May and June when college exams mean that Bilborough is unavailable the club night will be held at Chilwell Olympia on the TUESDAY from 7:30pm to 10:00pm on 3 courts. The Tuesdays at Chilwell are 14th, 21st May and 4th, 11th and 18th June. Club will run at Bilborough in half term week Wednesday 29th May and as normal from June 26th.

Congratulations to Match Teams30/03/2019
Some very good results this year from many of our teams with no fewer than 5 teams being promoted, 2 retaining status and 1 relegation. The Ladies team finished as a strong 3rd in Div 1. Promoted teams are Mens 1st to Div 1 as champions, Mens 3rds, Mixed 2nds, Mixeds 3rds and Mixed 4ths. Mixed 1st are relegated from Div 2.

Team Results Round Up21/12/2018
Heading into the Xmas break several of the Boots teams remain well placed and unbeaten; Mens 1st has 3 wins in Div 2, Ladies have 1 win in Div 1, Mens 3rd has 4 wins, Mixed 2nd has 2 wins and Mixed 3rd has 1 win. The Mixed 1st team has some work to do in the second half of the season to retain status in Div 2 after 3 losses.

NEW WINTER SEASON 2018/1930/08/2018
The new winter season begins with the session on Wednesday 5th September at Bilborough College. Match nights are SUNDAYs at Chilwell Olympia. The first session at Chilwell will be on Sunday 9th September which will be a club session. Currently we are fully subscribed and have no further vacancies for winter membership.

Congratulations to Ladies and Mixed teams 201817/04/2018
Congratulations to the Ladies team for finishing 2nd and being promoted to Div 1. Also to Mixed 3rd team for finishing top and being promoted to Div 3. Mixed 1st team finished a very creditable 2nd place in Div 2A and Mixed 2nd team are 3rd in Div 3B. Also all three Mens teams did well enough to retain status in their respective divisions.

Update on League Teams23/12/2017
As we enter the Xmas break, our mixed and ladies teams are well placed and unbeaten but the mens teams all have work to do in the second half of the season. Ladies have 2 wins as do Mixed 2nds while Mixed 1sts have 1 win and Mixed 3rds have 5 wins. The Mens teams have 2 losses each and amongst mens teams only the Mens 3rds have a win.

Xmas Schedule14/12/2017
Note that there will be no sessions at Chilwell on Sundays 24th Dec or 31st Dec and no session at Bilborough on Wednesday 27th Dec due to Xmas holiday closures by the Sports Centres.

New Winter Season 2017/1811/09/2017
The new winter season begins with the session on Wednesday 6th September at Bilborough College. We do still have some vacancies for potential new members to try out the club on Wednesdays in September before matches start in October. Match nights are now SUNDAYs at Chilwell Olympia.

Congratulations to Ladies and Mens teams21/04/2017
Congratulations to Mens 2nd team for finishing as champions and winning promotion to Division 2. Also to the Ladies team for finishing as runners up and being promoted to Div 2. And to Mens 1st team for retaining status in Div 2

Notts BA Presentation Night29/05/2010
An evening of much applause on which we picked up trophies for winning Mixed 4A and Mens 3B